Modern solution for your company
Highly intuitive, easily edited, possible to share with other participants
bo-platformy helps you to improve your efficiency on the construction site, to plan and control your job more easily.

The application consists of three integrated modules Construction Project Diary, Task Management and Construction Works Report.

The Construction Project Diary module completely replaces the paper logbook and adds several enhanced functions which will make your life easier. The biggest advantages are reduced laboriousness and easier access to the required information.

The Task Management module is an indispensable tool in planning, assigning and tracking all tasks and issues on site. It shares information between team members wherever they are on-site or off-site. The indisputable benefit of the application is the exact localization of the tasks by the marks in the drawings.

The Construction Works Report module introduces order and an overview of the situation between all participants in the construction. It replaces dozens of excels with one clear record in the cloud. Each participant sees only their data and can perform only specific operations according to the assigned rights. The output is provided with an electronic seal in the PDF file, which protects it against changes.

The application is available via a web viewer or on your mobile phone as a native Android and iOS app.

Your data is securely stored on Microsoft's Azure cloud, the world's most powerful and secure cloud.

This highly professional application is used by many construction industry leaders.

You can try for free. To learn more, please, visit our website



Managing of building site
Maximally flexible and configurable tool. RSV covers the specific requirements of construction companies in an area of an information system.
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ERP system
Technologically advanced ERP system. Makes ordinary and extremely specialized processes more efficient.

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Approval of documents
Extension for other applications used in the company. Instant document approval via mobile devices.

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WEB Portal


Extension for other applications
WEB Portal application which allows fast access to information. Integration with RSV, HELIOS Orange and many other applications.

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Helios iNuvio
Web portal

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