Modern solution for your company
Highly intuitive, easily edited, possible to share with other participants

Construction Project Diary

Completely replaces the paper form of the construction journal

Electronic signature and electronic authorization stamp support

Unlimited number of construction diaries on the construction site

Ability to copy and dictate records, insert photos and other attachments

Data sharing between authorized persons with simultaneous work of these persons without restrictions

Data outputs from the application to PDF and XLS

Quick full text search

Task Management

Compatibility with Construction Project Diary

Ability to localize the task with markers in the drawings

The hierarchical structure of the construction allows for one or more drawings to be assigned to each part

Clear monitoring of statuses and deadlines

Full display of tasks in drawings

The grid for displaying tasks is an extremely variable tool for creating overviews, grouping and filtering data

Any number of attachments can be attached to tasks, including photos directly from the construction site

Simplified entry of tasks according to the rules / copies / from the record in the construction diary

Notification of changes directly in the application, sending of informational e-mail and events to MS Outlook

Construction Works Report

Establishes order and an overview of the buildability among all construction participants

Online communication between the contractor and builder and between the contractor and his subcontractors

Replaces dozens of Excels per month with one clear record in the cloud

Handles cases where there are multiple builders, contractors and subcontractors on one construction site

Each participant manages data and performs operations according to assigned permissions

Ability of gradual approval and monitoring of the status on individual budget items

Output in a PDF file with an electronic seal, which protects it against changes

Ability of fully automated receipt and control of incoming invoices into the economic system

Connection to third party ERP systems



Managing of building site



ERP system



Approval of documents

WEB Portal


Extension for other applications


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