Helios iNuvio

The most selling ERP system in medium and large size companies segment
Linked with solutions from our own workshop
Company information system  HELIOS iNuvio, suitable for medium and large size companies, presents one of the best selling ERP systems thanks to perfect knowledge of the local market. The main modules (accounting, payroll department, invoicing, trade, warehousing) are complemented by sectoral solutions (BI, manufacturing, transport, etc.) and partner solutions. Together with our partners we provide the best and specialized solutions ERP.

Main moduls of Helios iNuvio

Where Helios iNuvio works

Transport companies
Trade companies
Production companies
Construction companies
small and medium companies
Public sector

One system, many advantages

Variable price
Proven technologies and standards
Perfect integration
Intuitive control
Mobile access with application HELIOS Zoom

Modules description

  • Warehouse management system

  • Mobile warehouse keeper


  • Bar codes

  • Service management

  • Order and project management

  • Tasks, Job reports

  • Calendars

  • Customs, intrastat

  • E-Comerce - B2B,B2C

  • CRM – managing of customers relations

  • Managing of business cases and purchasing

  • Analysis of competition and opportunity

  • Mobile merchant

  • EDI communication

  • Retail

  • Wholesale

  • Human resources management and wages

  • Employee portal

  • Attendance

  • Planning of training and medical check ups

  • Organizational structure

  • Tender

  • Editing of forms

  • Personalization of functionality and visual aspects

  • Linking to external applications

  • Sync withMS Office

  • DMS

  • TPV and production management

  • Production economy

  • Integration with CAD systems

  • Capacity planning MRP

  • Conducting by manufacturing terminals

  • Vehicle maintanance

  • Sea and air transport

  • Incoterms

  • Planning

  • Road tax

  • Haulage

  • Date warehouses

  • Business Inteligence - OLAP

  • Managerial reporting

  • Workflow

  • Meetings and tasks

  • Quality Management System - QMS

  • Finance a Management

  • Accounting

  • Financial analysis and planning

  • Leasing, Faktoring, IFRS

  • US GAAP and other regulations

  • Credit check

  • VAT with more registrations

We developed and linked to Helios iNuvio

  • Suitable for companies that engage in renting construction equipment and tools

  • For in-house (in-company) renting

  • It solves issues with administration and planning of the rentals

  • Possibility to work with EAN codes, serial numbers

  • Very fast and easy to use

  • Evidence of offers

  • Invoicing and printing of contracts, returns

  • In-company rental includes  HELIOS Zoom, or  WebPortal (possibility to monitor and review status of the rental)

  • Suitable for companies that engage in the field of servis or custom production

  • Service includes customer and warranty service

  • Overview of orders

  • Extent of repairs on order

  • Print of order list

  • Record of service work on order

  • Record of material used on order

  • Evaluation and concluding of order

  • Print of repair report

  • Automatic invoice generation

  • Monitor the consumption of spare parts

  • Records of intra-company activities

  • For managers, company owners, merchants etc. in fields of production and transport

  • Allows to view data in Helios iNuvio from mobile, laptop and tablet

  • Guarantees maximum security

  • Intended for all company employees, managers, payroll department

  • Working together with WEB Portal offers increase in efficiency, simplified and quicker work

  • The entered data will get to payroll department fast, without lenghty manual rewriting

  • Meant for detailed monitoring, making given processes quick and following given processes, procedures in the company

  • Approval process without the need of going to all particular offices

  • Possibility of linking to RSV system – management of construction production

  • Possibility of linking with any application and using for approval of any documents and company procedures

  • Automatization and management of procedures through the entire company

  • Minimizing of errors being made during approval phase

  • Making approval procedures quick

  • Possible checking on the approval stage

  • Prevents from losing the original documents

  • Possibility to have any number of levels and authorizing personnel

  • Meant for companies that want to have summary of contracts because they take care of the whole process til the finishing phase

  • Managing of documents in all phases of construction

  • Many specialized modules (ComBid – tenders, MS Project..)

  • Integration with accounting and cost calculating softwares (Asseco HELIOS iNuvio, Softip, Cenkros4...) and numbered orders

  • Maximally flexible and configurable in content and form

(from Hi Software plc.)

  • Linked with Helios iNuvio

  • Is used to pinpoint the location of vehicle

  • Together with a mobile unit placed in the vehicle

  • Uses GPS data

  • Saving workload and significant reduction in administrative costs

  • Possible to import into Helios iNuvio (generating of journey log, strech of times in journey logs)

  • Possible to export from Helios iNuvio (export of shipments including loading, unloading, information about changes to assigned vehicles )

(from Commander Systems, Ltd.)

  • We offer linking to Helios iNuvio

  • GPS vehicle monitoring saves money and time

  • Import to Helios iNuvio

  • Suitable for companies from different fields like construction, trade, logistics, transport and production

  • Simple and fast keeping of records of logbooks and journey logs

  • Automatic calculation of travel allowances/expenses

  • Clear information about refueling

  • Materials for payroll processing



Managing of building site



Construction project diary



Approval of documents

WEB Portal


Extension for other applications


Helios iNuvio
Web portal

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