WEB Portal

Quickly, simply, comfortably to my information
Extension over applications
Integration with RSV, HELIOS Orange and many other applications

WEB application allowing quick access to information from other applications

Based on a level of generally applicable security standards and requirements, allows simple and operative access to data from different devices including mobile devices

Integration with RSV, HELIOS Orange and many other applications

Extension over applications already used in the company, allowing data presentation with table and graphic tools

Maximum flexibility and variability of use in company

Advanced options allowing to create data directly on the portal

Possibility to present data from third parties applications

Development of new modules with integration to  RSV, HELIOS Orange and other internal company applications and procedures

Constantly growing product, that is adapting to current trends



Managing of building site
Maximally flexible and configurable tool. RSV covers the specific requirements of construction companies in an area of an information system.
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ERP system
Technologically advanced ERP system. Makes ordinary and extremely specialized processes more efficient.

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Buildary Online


Construction project diary
Application run on cloud. Online access to updated information about construction on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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Approval of documents
Extension for other applications used in the company. Instant document approval via mobile devices.

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Helios Orange
Web portal

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